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Members of the Data Diplomacy Project at USP to attend InnSciDSP and to deliver workshop

Two team members of the Data Diplomacy Project were at Universidade de São Paulo (USP) to participate in two events. PhD student Antonio Pires was one of the applicants selected for the Innovation and Science Diplomacy School (InnSciDSP) that took place in USP between July 24 and August 4. The school is already in its fifth edition and gathered 80 researchers from 39 different countries working on the topics of Science and Innovation Diplomacy, Scientific Data, Open Science and other related issues.

On September 26, prof. Henry Iure Paiva delivered the talk Data Diplomacy and International Energy Security on the Centro de Estudos das Negociações Internacionais (CAENI) also at USP. The hybrid lecture was attended by USP faculty (prof. Janina Onuki) and students from undergraduate and graduate levels. The session addressed the substantive topic of energy security and international relations and allowed for a demonstration of the Enetrix tool.

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